Basic Specification

Conference Microphone Simultaneous Interpretation interpretation
color black
Simultaneous Interpretation Yes

Detail Description

IR Transmitter Unit HT-6700M


a.       Fully digital wireless transmission technology. System conforms to IEC61603, party 7.

b.      2-8MHz frequency band eliminates disturbance from all types of lighting systems.

c.       The system provides multi-channel 4/8/12/16 for option

d.      High security, prevent external interference.

e.       Elegant configuration in accordance to ergonomics.

f.        160×32 dot matrix LCD display system information

g.      Installation: 19-inch frame

IR Radiator HT-6700S


a.       Fully digital wireless transmission technology. System conforms to IEC61603, part 7

b.      Radiates & distributes up to 32 channels of digital audio signal

c.       Digitized audio ensures very high audio quality

d.      Powerful compression techniques enable efficient, low-loss transmission.

e.       Mounted on ceiling, wall, floor stand or optional tripod

f.        Easily daisy-chained together to expand coverage

g.      Angle of half intensity: ±22°

Interpreter Unit HT-6700Y


a.       Digital audio processing and transmitting technology.

b.      Up to 16 Channel audio signals transmitted on a dedicated 12P-DIN cable.

c.       Interpreter consoles powered by the transmitter.

d.      Voice adjustable and with prevention on feedback

e.       Ensure that every channel is correspondent to the RELAY function respectively.

f.        Delegates speak too fast; give a request for slow the speed.

g.      Automatic numbering on system units

h.       Prevention on interpreter’s cough

i.         LCD can display input and output channel

IR Receiver HT-6700d


a.       Fully digital wireless transmission technology. Receiver conforms to IEC61603, part 7

b.      Pocket size wireless handheld unit

c.       Accommodates up to 22 different languages

d.      Channel selector and headphone connector

e.       Power on/off switch and volume level control

f.        Powered by (2 x AA) rechargeable batteries

g.      No power used when headphone is disconnected

h.       Aluminum carrying cases provided for receivers

i.         2-digit LCD display with battery and reception status indication

IR Receiver Charger Case HT-6700CG


a.       The charging unit can recharge up to 24 pieces receivers at once.

b.      The charging unit contains the power supply with automatic input voltage selection.

c.       The charging electronics and a charging indicator LED are integrated in each receiver.

d.      The charging circuitry checks if a batteries is present and controls the charging process receivers per charging